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2017-2018 Staff

Audrey Blakely

Features Writer

Senior Audrey Blakely, who has a knack for losing her phone, wants to be a forensic psychologist when she's older. Her favorite TV show is "Survivor," and she would love to go sightseeing in Italy.

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Annika Dean

News Writer

Junior Annika Dean, whose favorite food is strawberries, once encountered a gecko in a bathroom. She enjoys watching "Merlin" and is talented at making ice cream cones.

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Marisa Goffman

Features Writer

In her spare time, sophomore Marisa Goffman does taekwondo, plays Candy Crush, and reads. She likes watermelon and can quote the entire super suit scene from "The Incredibles."

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Katharine Anderson

Photo Editor

Sophomore Katharine Anderson's favorite app is Tumblr, and her favorite TV show is "Game of Thrones." Her pastimes include knitting, painting, and horseback riding.

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Annie Weight

Features Editor

Senior Annie Weight can identify every "Les Misérables" song. She would love to vacation in Thailand and often spends her free time outside. Annie's favorite TV show is "Gilmore Girls."

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Kendra Held

Sports Editor

Senior Kendra Held wants to study either journalism or international relations in college. She can do a bit of arm contortion, loves Disney movies, and is fond of pancakes.

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Maggie Stout


Avocado enthusiast Maggie Stout, senior, wishes to visit Norway in the future. Maggie, who is double-jointed, wants to pursue a psychology degree in college. Her favorite app is Instagram.

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Olivia Crutchfield


In her free time, senior Olivia Crutchfield enjoys sushi and watches "Jane the Virgin." When she’s older, she hopes to be a photographer and visit the Canadian Rockies.

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Elsie Goren


Senior Elsie Goren, who can walk on her hands, loves all types of seafood. Her favorite book is "Ender’s Game," and she intends to explore Japan someday.

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Mariam Tahir

News Editor

Senior Mariam Tahir speaks three languages and loves Thai food. After she graduates college, she plans to pursue a career in business and visit Morocco.

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Swati Rampalli

News Writer

In college, senior Swati Rampalli plans to study medicine. Her favorite ice cream flavor is strawberry cheesecake, and her favorite movie is "101 Dalmatians."

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